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Afton G. Palmer

Afton, a Creative Wellness Coach, empowers individuals using creative modalities like art, music, writing, and dance. Through coaching, training, and creativity, she aids mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Her role involves guiding clients to integrate creative outlets for self-expression, stress reduction, and personal growth, helping them incorporate activities like painting, music, and dance into their wellness journey.

Afton Values… Respect, Dependability, Truth, Awareness & Individuality.

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Afton exudes a lot of positive energy. She was attentive to what I was expressing. She then asked questions that allowed me to look at my thinking from another perspective. My time with her was valuable.

ML, Canada

Afton was very enthusiastic about helping and supporting me as I talked through my thoughts and actions. She definitely keep me focused on what I originally came to talk about, as we explored my options of what to do next. Her questions were very helpful as she guided me to review and reflect on actions I had taken and how I could update them and make them better so I could achieve the outcome I desired. Overall, she was very supportive and was able to take all I was saying and boil it down to what I needed to focus on. It was a great coaching session. I feel it was very productive, and moved me forward, closer to my goals.

CT, Fort Lauderdale, FL

It helped me to realize my motivations for certain actions. It was also very motivating. The coaching session made me realize the barriers were not as great as I perceived them to be.

KW, Cincinnati, OH

I really appreciated my session with Afton. We began with what I “thought” was the issue. Because of her thought-provoking questions, I was able to have the awareness of what was actually true for me. This session was relaxed and enlightening. I enjoyed being able to have a brief meditation to process my thoughts. — JS, Nashville, TN

Afton has an incredibly uplifting and positive energy and drawing from that allows me to believe I can do anything. Her intuitive process of asking just the right questions and noticing things unsaid, gently put my focus where it needed to be and to stay so I could explore my topic on a deeper level. I felt safe and heard during our session and could not recommend her more.

JR, Lee, NH

I came into my session with Afton feeling very scattered. Her calm demeanor and gentle approach helped me pick apart the belief that I was all over the place. I realized that I’m more on top of things than I thought I was. By the end of the session, I had clarity as to what my next steps should be. I have confidence that I do have the answers I need inside, I just needed to organize them and clear the clutter so that I could see them clearly. I appreciate her ability to hold that space for me.

SB, Willimantic, CT

To begin our session, Afton helped ground me to allow me to be focused on my goals and concerns. She gently helped me reflect and reframe challenges and put them in better perspective. I appreciate her ability to help me appreciate what I had accomplished. I overlooked recognizing what I had done so I saw situations in a better perspective. Afton offers solid, non-judgmental guidance in a kind, thoughtful and non-judgmental way. I enjoyed our session and especially her reflections of my thought process!

MS, Manitou Springs, CO

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